Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who says I'm not nutritionally conscious? (Amazing drink recipe inside)

Party people!  (That phrase just cracks me up!)

There is a lot of buzz on whatisnutrition.org about how horribly I eat and many times I am asked...where is the good stuff?

I'll admit that my nutritional plan is not normal or even slightly mainstream, but there's a lot to love!

I wanted to put the spotlight on my latest drink discovery.  I am a big fan of Puritan's Pride products.  After doing a lot (I've just realized that "a lot" has been used a lot) of research, I found that they carried a brand of whey powder sweetened with the stevia extract (which I am a fan).  If you haven't tried it, it's called Designer Whey.  My absolute favorite is the Double Chocolate version.  Now, I usually always like most French Vanilla versions, but I'll have to admit, this one has not been one of my go-to's because it didn't seem to have much taste...until now!

After much ambitious trial-and-error, I believe we have a winner!  Especially if you love the taste of peanut butter, you will absolutely love this!

Here are the players:

Here's the recipe:
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 packet Truvia
1 level tablespoon of PB2 (powdered peanut butter)
1 scoop French Vanilla Designer Whey Protein powder 

Shake or blend until desired consistency and enjoy.

Here's the stats:
Serving size is a bit over 8oz
153 calories
12.5g carbs
21.5g protein
2.5g sugar
5g fiber

Man, now that's a nutritional win-win if I've ever seen one.  Also, you could use the Double Chocolate version for your own liquid peanut butter cup protein shake.  (Also, Puritan's got some of the best prices on Designer Whey Protein powder - 22.99 usually with free shipping.)

I'd love to know what you think.  Please leave your comments, questions, suggestions, or recipes below.  Have a fantastic Positive Tuesday!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

How To Lose Weight (Without Losing Your Mind) eBook

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Have a fantastic and productive Friday!  :)

p.s. - This book was the inspiration for whatisnutrition.org