Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Never made a penny online? This is for you!

At some point in your lifetime, the thought of operating a successful internet business will cross your mind.  I mean, how appealing is waking up to no alarm clock, traveling the world and building your lucrative empire anywhere your mobile device takes you?  Very!

It has been said that a new internet business is started every 7 seconds.  Out of these, 70% will fail.  Yipes!  That sounds pretty harsh!

What's the stumbling block?  Human nature.  What the heck does that mean?

I'll explain.  Just like anything in life, we as people are incredibly impatient.  We want results NOW and if we don't see any pretty quick, we get discouraged and doubt ourselves.  It's funny, we don't look at an online business the way we look at a traditional business.  Could you see walking into a bank and saying, "Yes, I'd like you to make me Bank President and I want to start out with a 200k annual salary."  (You already know the response that would be returned.)

For some reason, we feel that if we started a business online, that money should start pouring in with very little effort.

Here are five things you need or must do to start making money online:

1)  If you're working as an affiliate marketer (a great place to begin), choose your partner company very carefully.  Many have come and gone over the years.  Pair up with an established entity that has been successfully operating for at least 5-10 years.  Two of my personal favorites are DS Domination and Trafficwave.

2)  You must get the word out like there's no tomorrow!  You can never advertise enough.  Remember, daily consistent effort is much better than putting in 100 hours your first week, burning yourself out, then quitting.  Be prepared to work smart and hard.  You have the potential for an amazing income!

3)  Don't over extend your business budget.  It's very easy to be excited in the beginning thinking you need every business tool under the sun to be successful.  Do the best with what you have, then reinvest your profits.  (Never borrow money to begin your affiliate marketing enterprise.  You'll increase your risk 100 fold and be stressed out if you don't make money...then you'll quit.  (see step 4)

4)  Don't quit (see step 3)!  :)  Sometimes we get so frazzled that we want to just throw in the towel and be done with it.  Take a break if you need to, but don't call it quits.  Have a written sheet of reasons why you are doing what most people won't.  If you're WHY is big enough, you'll succeed.

5)  Have patience.  This realistically could take two or more years to see a good income coming in.

Honestly, we make things too darned complicated in this lifetime.  Use common sense, keep an open mind, and do your homework before you get involved.  Stay away from anything pressuring you to join today.  As the old saying goes, a good deal today should be around tomorrow as well.

If you're a newcomer or established online marketer that needs some help, please email me anytime at  I wish you the best in your upcoming online efforts.  Good luck!