Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck

The cold hard truth:  There are only two ways to have more money - 1) Generate more income.  2) Reduce expenses.  That's it!  Easier said than done, I know.

The following is an incredibly condensed version.  We realize that every situation is unique and results can vary dramatically.

If you're single, it's much easier - the only person you need to compromise with is yourself - unless you're receive free room and board from your parents, friends, relatives, etc.

Here's how Mary and I did it:  We grabbed every invoice, monthly bill, magazine subscription, checkbook, and gathered it all at the kitchen table.  Also in our arsenal:  strong coffee, a pen, and a legal pad.  We went through every nook and cranny of our expenses and made some tough decisions.  At the time, we had about $6000.00 of (beautiful) furniture from a rent-to-own place in town.  Mary suggested we give at least half of it up.  Also, I recall Mary having a subscription to People magazine.  We were looking at a subscription bill of over 100.00.  After looking at the fine print, we had the option to cancel instead of continue.  Some decisions were easy, others not so much.

The moral so far - go through all of your expenses and cut anything that's unnecessary - you can add it back later after you turn things around.  But right now, you gotta get ninja on your finances or you'll always be stressed!

On the income side, make every dollar count.  You must spend wisely.  Cook at home, take your lunch to work, etc.  Over the past few years, I've replaced my drive-thru coffee habit with a 12-ounce container of instant Folgers.

Tally up your income and expenses.  If your income is higher than your expenses, you're doing better than most.  See how much you have left over and make sure your saving to lay down a solid financial foundation for you and your family.  If you're just breaking even, buy an inexpensive notebook and log everything you spend money on - it will be enlightening.

Lastly, do not borrow money or use credit cards, it will only stall your progress.  Part of why we're living paycheck to paycheck is because of consumer debt.  One of the best people for helping eliminate debt is Dave Ramsey.  He has plenty of free resources on his site to help you at  (Be sure to check out the debt snowball - powerful!)  Could you imagine life without debt?  It is possible and millions of people have made that transition.

Honestly, things were pretty tight for about four months.  Then we started seeing some nice progress.

If you perform this exercise and don't have enough to pay your bills, you'll need to make arrangements with your creditors, utility companies, etc.  Share your plan with them, be honest, and most will be happy to work with you.

When things stabilize, set up an amount (no matter how small) to consistently put into a savings account.  This is not to be touched except for a life and death emergency.

There is light at the end of this tunnel.  It will most likely not be easy, but incredibly worthwhile for your future.

Feel free to connect with me anytime at  Mary and I wish you the absolute best.  Good luck!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bored On A Tuesday Night?

Don't be bored!  Learn how to make money instead.

Join us in a little less than two hours for "Copy & Paste Your Way To $200.00 A Day"!

Our event begins at 8pm Eastern time and should last about an hour.  Here is your link to register. (tap the word "register" and it will take you where you need to be.)

If you're reading this blog after the event, please contact me and I'll make sure you have a link for our next get together.

Here's to your successful rest of the year and 2015 ahead!

Your friend,

Sam Prindle

Thursday, November 20, 2014

You'll feel sooooo good after you do this!

Here's something I would like you to consider doing today.  It could be someone you know or a complete stranger; do a R.A.K.

What?  Perform a random act of kindness.  It's doesn't have to involve money - it could be a heartfelt note left on your mate's pillow, a small coffee for a senior citizen
at McDonald's, paying the person's toll that will approach the toll booth after you, etc.

Try it!  No matter how big or small, you'll feel incredible!

Please touch base with me and let me know what your R.A.K. was.  So please, R.A.K. it up!

Have a fantastic and productive day!

Your friend,

Sam Prindle 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Two Important Things

Don't you wish you could have a do-over sometimes?  There are three or four areas of my past that I would love an opportunity to attempt again.  But, that's the beauty of life and experience.

As we all know, we can't change our past, but we can certainly shape our future in a positive way.

First important thing:  Be yourself!  As simple as that sounds and seems, it's tough for us sometimes.  People will like you for who you are.  Positive change is good as long as it's genuine.

Second important thing:  Have fun!  Quick story:   Our 7-year-old, Evan, was invited to a roller skating birthday party.  He was incredibly excited.  It was a 3 1/2 hour party and skating was honestly the last thing on my mind.  Even though Evan had never skated before, he expressed an interest in giving it a whirl, but was a little apprehensive.  To encourage him, I volunteered to go first.  

While lacing up, I was having second thoughts.  I'm 6' 6" to begin with; these skates would make me pro basketball height.  Also, I hadn't skated in 30 plus years - all of the normal excuses us grown-ups give for opting out of something.
To make a long story short, I had the time of my life and I didn't fall!  :)  "Tall" Sam Prindle at Mikey's 8th Birthday party
Thanks for reading!  Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.  I'm really easy to find!

Have a fantastic and productive day!

Your friend,

Sam Prindle
207-740-0596 "Beautiful" Lisbon Falls, Maine

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Beauty Of Being On Time

Promptness has many benefits:  it's indicative of being responsible and respectful.  Employers love it when their employees arrive before they're scheduled and begin their duties on time.

When I was going to Indiana University (my whole 14 months or so), Bobby Knight was the basketball coach.  Coach Knight taught a couple of classes and I heard he was extremely strict about time.  In fact, rumor has it that once class began, his lecture hall door was locked and you didn't get in beyond that point.  Now that's real life at its best.

When you start to value your time, it becomes a bit aggravating when others don't follow the same policy.

How is your on-time record?  Now, be honest...are you REALLY on-time?  Are you rushing in at the last moment, disoriented, disheveled and disorganized...daily!?  Has your employer had the "get here on time" talk or we'll have to make other arrangements pow-wow?

If being tardy for the party has become your middle name, I've got great news...there is hope!

This is one of those topics where someone in the crowd says, "you know, it's not rocket science!"

Here are some ideas:

 1)  If you're always 30 minutes late for work, starting tomorrow, leave 1 hour earlier...unless you need to allot more time for bad weather.

 2)  Start preparing for tomorrow the day before.

 3)  Begin making a things to do list, preferably the paper kind.  Don't get me wrong, I love smart phones, but have you ever spent too much time on the phone, laid it down and thought, "I didn't do what I started to do..."

 Do these three things every day for the next month and you, your friends, family, and employer will love the new you so much, you might even get a raise!

The welcome mat is always out for you at  Please drop me a line, say hello, or leave a question or comment, anytime.  Hey, how about now?  There's never been a better "time"!  :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How To Be Positive

Simple, right?  For some, yes.  Others, not so much.

Why is it so hard to be positive?  Honestly, I don't know.  It's just easier for "glass half-full" kind of people.  But, how do you cross that equator-like line that exists between positive and negative?

Stardate:  1944.  Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive was released and spent thirteen weeks on the Billboard charts peaking at number 2.  It's a positive person's anthem!

Since then, you won't find an overabundance of anything extremely positive on the airwaves, TV, music, or movies anymore.  Believe me, it's out there; you just have to find it.

Years ago, when I was in sales, all the salesmen were called to the corporate office for a high-level meeting.  As I was heading toward my car with Arnie Ralenkotter; right before I was about to say goodbye, he literally threw a folder containing a ton of cassettes my way.  After a lucky catch, I examined this odd collection of tapes. 

Since we were in our cars for hours at a time, it seemed like a good idea to learn something instead of wrestling with the radio for stations that just kept fading away.  So, I began my journey through "The Psychology of Success" by Brian Tracy.  If you can find a copy, I highly recommend it.  Not exciting listening, but extremely powerful!

Alright, to get to the meat and potatoes of this whole deal, first of all, feed your brain the good stuff!

What does that mean?  Well, be conscious of what you're feeding your mind:  the programs you watch, the music you listen to, the books you read, the people you associate with, etc.  Some experts say that one prescription to becoming more positive is eliminating the news.

Second step:  learn to be grateful for everything.  There is a saying that goes something like - if you're not already grateful for what you have, why would you deserve more of anything?

For those who are perpetually bored, consider becoming a volunteer.  There are a lot of organizations that could use your help.  (Busy people associated with worthwhile endeavors are usually more positive.)

When you are so down in the dumps that recovery seems impossible, try this, look at the obituaries.  It is almost guaranteed that those featured would gladly trade their position for yours.

One last thought, stay away from gossip.  It's counterproductive and negative.  

Oh, one more:  stop worrying about things you cannot control - the weather, politics, your next door neighbors, other people, and so on.  Just be the best possible "you" you can be.  Your good vibe will be welcomed and contagious.

Please connect with me at  Not only would I love to hear from you, I would be happy to offer a personalized idea on this whole positive thing.  :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bad Economy?

Do you feel the economy is bad?  Honestly, it's depends on who you ask.

Recently, I've met a few individuals who have been thriving over the last 12 months.  For example, one in particular started a business with a negative bank balance and just recently retired from his 9-to-5 job in less than a year.

Another just hit the 6-figure mark after being in business for approximately 12 months.

My wife and I were having an interesting talk about education today.  Years ago, if you didn't at least finish high school, you were doomed; sentenced to work a menial job and eek out a meager existence.  College - now that was the answer!  The more education, the better.  Boy, how times have changed.

Life is a matter of total mindset.  One of my favorite managers has said, "I wish I could get excited about anything the way you're excited about everything!"

Yes, for me. positive is the only way.

Recently, I was checking out of a hotel and it was chilly with light rain.  The guest walking into the lobby before me turned around and said, "Well, this sure is a crappy day!"

If you really pay attention, you'll be surprised how many people are geared towards gloomy.

My daughter just recently passed her driving test.  We were thrilled that she was successful the first time.  About a month or so before, I heard her say, "Well I know I'm not going to get it my first time."

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Your day, life, career, relationship, physique, etc. will always be determined by you and your outlook.  It's ALL in your mind!

Here's to your amazing day and future ahead!

Yours in success,

Your Maine man, Sammy P.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Never made a penny online? This is for you!

At some point in your lifetime, the thought of operating a successful internet business will cross your mind.  I mean, how appealing is waking up to no alarm clock, traveling the world and building your lucrative empire anywhere your mobile device takes you?  Very!

It has been said that a new internet business is started every 7 seconds.  Out of these, 70% will fail.  Yipes!  That sounds pretty harsh!

What's the stumbling block?  Human nature.  What the heck does that mean?

I'll explain.  Just like anything in life, we as people are incredibly impatient.  We want results NOW and if we don't see any pretty quick, we get discouraged and doubt ourselves.  It's funny, we don't look at an online business the way we look at a traditional business.  Could you see walking into a bank and saying, "Yes, I'd like you to make me Bank President and I want to start out with a 200k annual salary."  (You already know the response that would be returned.)

For some reason, we feel that if we started a business online, that money should start pouring in with very little effort.

Here are five things you need or must do to start making money online:

1)  If you're working as an affiliate marketer (a great place to begin), choose your partner company very carefully.  Many have come and gone over the years.  Pair up with an established entity that has been successfully operating for at least 5-10 years.  Two of my personal favorites are DS Domination and Trafficwave.

2)  You must get the word out like there's no tomorrow!  You can never advertise enough.  Remember, daily consistent effort is much better than putting in 100 hours your first week, burning yourself out, then quitting.  Be prepared to work smart and hard.  You have the potential for an amazing income!

3)  Don't over extend your business budget.  It's very easy to be excited in the beginning thinking you need every business tool under the sun to be successful.  Do the best with what you have, then reinvest your profits.  (Never borrow money to begin your affiliate marketing enterprise.  You'll increase your risk 100 fold and be stressed out if you don't make money...then you'll quit.  (see step 4)

4)  Don't quit (see step 3)!  :)  Sometimes we get so frazzled that we want to just throw in the towel and be done with it.  Take a break if you need to, but don't call it quits.  Have a written sheet of reasons why you are doing what most people won't.  If you're WHY is big enough, you'll succeed.

5)  Have patience.  This realistically could take two or more years to see a good income coming in.

Honestly, we make things too darned complicated in this lifetime.  Use common sense, keep an open mind, and do your homework before you get involved.  Stay away from anything pressuring you to join today.  As the old saying goes, a good deal today should be around tomorrow as well.

If you're a newcomer or established online marketer that needs some help, please email me anytime at  I wish you the best in your upcoming online efforts.  Good luck!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Confused about domains?

That's understandable.  In today's world, there is a lot of terminology thrown around.  If there's something this post doesn't tackle, please leave a comment or question below.

What is a domain?

A domain is where you can be found on the internet, similar to your home address; some refer to it as a URL.  (example -  (Hip tip:  In 2014, no one really says World Wide Web or "on the net" or "on the web"'s similar to referring to country music as "Country & Western", all you need to say is "online" and 95% of people will know what you're referring to.)

Do I need to buy a domain?

No.  But, an online presence is certainly helpful in today's world.  Whether you're a business, blogger, do-it-yourselfer, etc., the possibilities are endless.

After I buy a domain, how do I get stuff on it?

Good question.  We'll most likely cover that in a future blog.

How do I buy a domain?

Buying a domain name is similar to buying a house.  In most cases, there is a real estate agent or domain registrar involved.  (prindledomains, godaddy, etc)

How much is it?

Not to get really general on you, but they can be free, several thousand dollars +, anywhere in between or higher.  With a premium domain, it's similar to having a valuable coin.  You're holding a valuable piece of online real estate.  Some flip them for a profit and some hang onto them.  An example of a premium domain is and  At the time of this writing, they hold the number 1 and 2 spots of the most visited sites in the world. 

What if a .com in not available?

Search engines (google, yahoo, bing, msn) and individuals put a lot of clout in the trusty .com extension.  2nd best choice is .org, then .net.  Many times you can make the current owner an offer if the site name you want is not currently available.

How do I know if my website name is valuable?

Our site has an appraisal tool that's easy to use.  Start at, hover your cursor over domain names, select domain name appraisals,  and follow the simple instructions from there.

Hopefully this has helped clear a little confusion.  You're welcome to poke around our website and learn all you can, or leave a question or comment below.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Junk food (shocking!)

Peanut brittle, extra large cyclones (similar to DQ Blizzards), blueberry muffins, pancakes with butter and syrup (not drizzled, but saturated), home fries, toast, cheesecake, bread pudding, and pizza were the stars and co-stars of my treat week blowout at the "29" (our nickname for our place).

Sam Prindle, are you kidding me?  Aren't you the king of nutrition?  Don't you analyze every crumb of food before it enters your body?  I know.  No.  Uh, kind of.

Tomorrow, July 22, 2014, I begin a savagely grueling fitness and nutritional program.  ("Savage" & "grueling" is probably unfair) But, it's the most intensive challenge I've ever signed up for.

My week of junk gave me 7.7 additional pounds, a 3/4 inch increase in my waist, and a half an inch extra on my shoulders. 

Part of my marathon indulgence was to actually see what could be done in a week's time.  The results were absolutely shocking to me.  I knew the numbers would be up, but not this up!  (ouch!)

Today, I'll brainstorm of any treat I've mistakenly left behind (and enjoy it to the fullest) before it becomes Tuesday.  Tomorrow, the eatery vacation ends and it's back to work!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Are you Queen/King of your domain?

Hello friends!

I sincerely hope that 2014 is treating you very, very well.

On this side of the world, we've been very busy in beautiful Lisbon Falls, Maine.  What do I mean by this?

Well, as you know from, I'm on a mission to help 1,000,000 people to start.  Now, help can come in many different forms:  saving money, better health, improved nutrition, positive outlook, or just great information to enhance the quality of our lives.

This post is zeroed in on cost savings.  A little over 2 months ago, we launched with this philosophy in mind:  offer a variety of innovative products for personal and/or business use at rock-bottom prices.  Simple. includes over 50 helpful products and services (including domains, hosting, spam-free email, pro website builders) at the lowest prices available.  Browse the store and if we can help, let us know.  Also, if you wake up at 3am and want to speak to one of our friendly and helpful agents, you can at 480-624-2500.

Also, we're on the lookout for more ways to help you.  We welcome your ideas in the comment section below.

Have a fantastic and productive Positive Tuesday!  :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In 2014, This Is Really Refreshing

A friend of mine approached the dj booth and asked, "Have you seen Kevin Durant's MVP acceptance speech?"

I said, "No."

A co-worker was standing by and jokingly made a comment.

When my friend left, I asked my co-worker, "Who's Kevin Durant?"  (As you get older, you're not as afraid to admit what you don't know.)

I watched the speech, first the 12:00 minute version, then the 26:00 minute version, then the 5.  My eyes were glued.

As I hung onto every word, I thought, if this doesn't move you, nothing will.
Here is the complete version.  If you have the time to watch it all, I'd highly recommend it - truly refreshing in 2014.

Have a fantastic and productive day!

Your friend,

Sam Prindle

Monday, May 5, 2014

What To Do When Your Teenager Runs Away (Part Two)

Just in case you've missed part one, you'll find it here.

After you've completed step one, I'd highly recommend contacting your child's school, church, and parents of friends.

Most parents will do the right thing.  In our case, at least 2 out of 3 did.  Even our family counselor said that so many situations would have a better outcome if "well-intentioned" outsiders didn't become involved and harbored kids (from their family) to "keep them safe". 

Another important item on your action list is to (try your best to) stay calm.  If you've reached out to all the appropriate agencies and people, it's usually only a matter of time before the situation is resolved.

Check with your state to determine your parental rights and liabilities in your specific scenario.  It may be wise, helpful, and necessary to seek legal counsel.  Most states offer free or low-cost law advice if hiring an attorney is out-of-reach.

If you're facing or experienced a similar situation, I would enjoy your comments and questions.

For all good parents of runaways, our family feels your pain.  You've done nothing wrong and we wish you the best.  We hope that your situation is resolved as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What To Do When Your Teenager Runs Away (Part One)

Startling title, I know.  Those who know me very well know I have a good sense of humor, but I'm definitely not a practical joker; unfortunately this is being written from raw experience and I wish it were a bad joke.

Why does a 16 year-old (now 17) run away (twice) from a perfectly good, loving home?  That is the question.

Hopefully the phrase is "if" rather than "when" your child runs away, but if it does happen, call the police first.  Every parent wants to ensure their child is safe whether they're on Mars or at your residence.

At the time of this writing, there are only 8 states in the U.S. where running away is illegal: Georgia, Idaho, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Our local police force, detective, and school administration have done an outstanding job in assisting our family, which we greatly appreciate.

In Maine, (where running away is not illegal) parents are severely limited legally when your child is 16 or under.  From 17 on, your child can willingly live freely at another family's house without your permission - which is what's happening in our case.  Our child belongs here, not at your house!  Parents don't spend years raising their kids for them to vanish (because they (the kids) feel we are too strict) and take up residence elsewhere.

For those that are curious, here are the rules at our house:  for full privileges you must maintain a C- or above in every subject, be well-mannered, respectful, and a team player.  Being on time is a core value taught in our family, it's a matter of respect and definitely beneficial in the real world.

In summary, get the police involved as soon as you know your child has runaway.  In most cases it will not be illegal, but your local authorities will guide you through this painful process.

Your comments and questions are most welcome.

Part two coming soon...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who says I'm not nutritionally conscious? (Amazing drink recipe inside)

Party people!  (That phrase just cracks me up!)

There is a lot of buzz on about how horribly I eat and many times I am asked...where is the good stuff?

I'll admit that my nutritional plan is not normal or even slightly mainstream, but there's a lot to love!

I wanted to put the spotlight on my latest drink discovery.  I am a big fan of Puritan's Pride products.  After doing a lot (I've just realized that "a lot" has been used a lot) of research, I found that they carried a brand of whey powder sweetened with the stevia extract (which I am a fan).  If you haven't tried it, it's called Designer Whey.  My absolute favorite is the Double Chocolate version.  Now, I usually always like most French Vanilla versions, but I'll have to admit, this one has not been one of my go-to's because it didn't seem to have much taste...until now!

After much ambitious trial-and-error, I believe we have a winner!  Especially if you love the taste of peanut butter, you will absolutely love this!

Here are the players:

Here's the recipe:
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 packet Truvia
1 level tablespoon of PB2 (powdered peanut butter)
1 scoop French Vanilla Designer Whey Protein powder 

Shake or blend until desired consistency and enjoy.

Here's the stats:
Serving size is a bit over 8oz
153 calories
12.5g carbs
21.5g protein
2.5g sugar
5g fiber

Man, now that's a nutritional win-win if I've ever seen one.  Also, you could use the Double Chocolate version for your own liquid peanut butter cup protein shake.  (Also, Puritan's got some of the best prices on Designer Whey Protein powder - 22.99 usually with free shipping.)

I'd love to know what you think.  Please leave your comments, questions, suggestions, or recipes below.  Have a fantastic Positive Tuesday!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

How To Lose Weight (Without Losing Your Mind) eBook

Big News:  If you missed getting your complimentary copy the first time around, now's your chance.

For a limited time, my first eBook will be offered (at an unbeatable price) today through March 11.

I would be honored to have your honest rating and review on the Amazon site.  Many, many thanks in advance.

To claim your free copy, click this promotional link, input your first name and email (disregard the $1.99 price, it'll be free at checkout), and you'll be directed directly to the book.

Have a fantastic and productive Friday!  :)

p.s. - This book was the inspiration for

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life In The Fast(ing) Lane, Day 4

At 6:49pm, last evening, the fast (which was intended to last 7 days) officially ended.  It wasn't an easy decision, but a good one considering the circumstances.  (The eating and drinking play-by-play is on

One concern I had was heading into the weekend, where my responsibilities and work duty increase dramatically.  Energy levels were up and down; something I'm not used to feeling.  I couldn't go into the weekend without my A game.

I've read where most fasters experience an unbelievable burst of energy somewhere around day 3.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but I realize that every experience is individualized.

My purpose was to reset, cleanse, and detox my system.  After 78 hours, hopefully that goal was met.

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and support.  Even though I've fasted many times for shorter periods, I have a whole new appreciation for food and nutrition.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life In The Fast(ing) Lane, Day 3

At this moment, I have dove into hour 68 of the 168 hour/seven day fast.  Man, was yesterday an "off" day for me.  (For the detailed drink menu, check out

If you're considering any type of fast, I would like to make one recommendation:  definitely begin when you have some time off.  Although every fasting experience is unique, the first couple of days are usually the most challenging.

After two naps and a great night's sleep, I feel amazing today.  I have high hopes for Day 3.

Feel free to leave a comment or question - I'll happily answer.

See you tomorrow for Day 4!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The World According To Sam Prindle: Life In The Fast(ing) Lane, Day 2

The World According To Sam Prindle: Life In The Fast(ing) Lane, Day 2: I can't believe it's been 49 hours.  49 hours sounds pretty intense.  It pales in comparison to famous fasts in history, but it stan...

Life In The Fast(ing) Lane, Day 2

I can't believe it's been 49 hours.  49 hours sounds pretty intense.  It pales in comparison to famous fasts in history, but it stands out for the average Joe.  (See the entire play-by-play on

What's funny is I'm more cold than hungry.  Energy level is good, although I've taken naps two days in-a-row.

My approach to life has been a little more lackadaisical than usual.  I wonder if that's psychological?

I'm picturing what food is going to be like in hour 168.  Right now, that seems so far away.

Later, exercise and more coffee (anything warms sounds pretty heavenly right now).

Tomorrow, more caveman like ramblings for Day 3.

I'll meet you back here.  Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Life In The Fast(ing) Lane

You honestly never realize how much you think about food until you're fasting.  Food is everywhere.  We talk about it, think about it, look at pictures of it, etc.  I'm guilty of all the previous.  In fact, I update a daily blog called  It is the epitome of quirky.  After looking at it you might say, "who in their right mind writes down everything they eat every day!?"

As of this writing, I'm (27 hours) into a fast that's intended to last seven days.  SEVEN days.  S-E-V-E-N days.  Man, that's a long time.  But, I have to look on the bright side - it's not 40 days.  (I'll have to graduate up to that!)

Why do people fast?  Weight loss, cleansing, spiritual enlightenment, etc.  I'm sure there's more reasons that haven't come to mind yet.  I'm told that you can also achieve increased mental clarity.

So, I started planning this about two weeks ago and I'm shocked that it's happening now.  I know:  I'll make this a S-E-V-E-N part series beginning now!

Stay tuned, happy eaters.  Day 2 in all its glory scheduled for tomorrow, if I don't pass out first.  :)